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Greg Coleman: Music

Fool With A Gun

(Greg Coleman)
February 25, 2016
Written by Greg Coleman

For What It's Worth/Occupy

(Greg Coleman)
March 3, 2017
Stephen Stills, Greg Coleman

(Greg Coleman)
July 7, 2014

Smooth Like You Like It!


(WSMJ Advertising Dept.)
November 6, 2006
WSMJ Ads Dept/Greg Coleman

Smooth Like You Like It! (Vocal Intro)

(Greg Coleman)
August 1, 2006
Written, Produced, Arranged & Performed By: Greg Coleman
Tribute To The Smooth Jazz Genre-The Biggest Ear Relief For Adult Contemporary Music Listeners In 26 Years.
Smooth Like You Want It!
Smooth Like You Need It!
Smooth Like You Like It!
Just For You!

Music Samples

I'm Happy Cause You Love Me!

(Greg Coleman)
December 10, 2015
Greg Coleman

From The Album Smooth Like You Like It!