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There's No Recession For The Poor - February 4, 2017


There's No Recession For The Poor Drops February 13, 2017.

The Only Song to Be Investigated by the FBI - October 20, 2009

By Phil Stutt
I am passionate about rock and blues and use my blog to bore people about it..... Music is an artform that belongs to us all ... ...
The USA was a strange place in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Youth culture was in its infancy and the establishment was disturbed at is growth. The establishment was disturbed by many things. There was fear at the growth of communist influence in Cuba and Latin America. There was fear of a perceived increasing threat from communism at home. Homophobia was rife. Institutionalised racism was being challenged. Rock and roll was threatening the morals of the young and Louie Louie was at the forefront of the threat, or not.

Louie Louie was written by Richard Berry in 1956. It told the story of a Jamaican sailor being upset at being away from his girlfriend. In the song the sailor poured out his woes to Louie Louie (a bartender). It was a popular song, but not a hit. By 1963 the song was a popular tune played by many bands in the Washington area. Two of them recorded versions within days of each other, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and The Kingsman. For a while the Paul Revere version seemed the most popular but eventually the Kingsmen's version won out. That is when the problems started.

The trouble with the Kingmen's version was that it was impossible to understand the lyrics. Jack Ely, the lead singer, could have been singing about anything. Rumours began to circulate that the lyrics were dirty and obscene. Alternative lyrics were produced and passed round. Governor Matthew Welch of Indiana banned the song from being played on local radio stations in his state. Robert Kennedy (Attorney General of the USA) received a letter from a concerned parent in February 1964. Having heard that the song was obscene this parent thought that he had deciphered the lyrics and he was convinced the lyrics were indeed rude.

The FBI, keen to uphold the morals of the country opened a file on the song (I will not make the obvious comments about Edgar J Hoover and his personal peccadilloes wanting to protect the morals of 1960s middle American youth). That the lyrics were obscene was accepted as fact. The FBI investigated and interviewed everyone involved including Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Kingsmen, Richard Berry and those connected with the record company. It must have passed them by that the singer with the Kingsmen that they interviewed was not the singer on the record. Jack Ely had been sacked from the band just after the recording. They never interviewed him. They played the record at different speeds to see if they could identify the lyrics and consulted various experts for advice.

The result of 30 month's investigation into this scandal? There was a report sent to the Director of the FBI on 25th May 1965 which said "The department advised that they were unable to interpret any of the wording on the record and, therefore, could not make a decision concerning the matter. Also that the AUSA at Tampa, FLA and Hammond, Indiana, have declined prosecution."

The file was closed and Middle America survived this Crisis.

I am passionate about rock and blues music which is why I started so that I have an excuse to talk about music, and bore people with my views!

I am in my 50s (it hurts to say that, my mind feels 36 but my body....). I live in the UK. I have all the usual bad habits, alcohol smoking etc. I am in a great relationship with a very understanding lady (she has to be).

I love Blues, Captain Beefheart, Wreckless Eric, Tim Fite. I hate Celine Dion, boy bands. 'Nuff said.

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Lionel Ritchie - Still Truly Romantic and Easy - August 22, 2009

By Robert D Hill

I am just your average guy working a number of yrs as a business analyst. A child that grew up in the 60's and 70's ... ...
Lionel Ritchie is known for his romantic, easy-listening ballads which he composed and sang himself. Songs such as "Easy", "Three Times A Lady", "Still", and "Truly" have topped the charts and are still very popular across the generations.
Lionel was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on June 20, 1949. He spent his early years on the campus of Tuskegee Institute and later moved to Illinois, where he completed his high school studies at Joliet Township High School, East Campus. His skills in tennis earned him a scholarship at the Tuskegee Institute where he graduated with a major in economics.
In addition to his sports activities while at school in Tuskegee, he also formed different R&B groups during the mid-60s. One of these was the Commodores that he not so much started, but joined in 1968 as a saxophonist, and unbeknown to him at the time, his future was secured. The group acted as a support act to the Jacksons who were at the height of their popularity at the time. The Commodores' first recording contract was with Atlantic Records, but they moved to Motown Records after just one recording.
This was an intelligent move, and at Motown the band established its name with danceable funky sounds such as "Machine Gun" and "Brick House". It was also at this time that Lionel started making his way to the mainstream as a songwriter and solo performer.
He became identified with easy-listening romantic ballads which he wrote and performed himself. His songwriting skills became more appreciated and recognized during the late 1970s when he wrote songs for other artists, rather than just for himself. His composition "Lady" for Kenny Rogers made it to the top of the charts in 1980 and Rogers insisted that Lionel produce his album "Share Your Love" in 1981.
He sang a duet with Diana Ross in 1981, "Endless Love", a theme song for the film of the same title. Considered as one of Motown's biggest hits, this single topped the UK and US pop charts, and in 1982, Ritchie decided to take on a solo career.
This move gave Lionel Ritchie recognition as an American singer, songwriter and record producer who sold over 100 million records. In 1982, his self-titled debut album "Lionel Ritchie" was able to make three hit singles. One of the three that still contained his Commodores style was the chart-topping "Truly". This single launched his career to instant popularity and included him in the list as one of the most successful balladeers of the 80s. The other two hit songs that hit the top 5 were "You Are" and "My Love".
With his first album having sold more than 4 million copies and hitting no. 3 on the charts, a follow up album titled "Can't Slow Down" was released in 1983. This one surpassed the first, selling more that 8 million copies and won the Grammy award for Album of the Year. The album contained his no. 1 hit "All Night Long", very effectively promoted by a colorful music video that enhanced the Caribbean flavor of the song.
A string of four top ten hits followed in 1994, including the Number One hit "Hello" that took him away from his R&B image and was also his most successful recording. The other three were "Stuck on You" at no.3, "Running With the Night" at no.7, and "Penny Lover" at no.8.
In 1985, he wrote and performed "Say You, Say Me" which stayed no.1 in the US Charts for four weeks. This theme song for the film White Nights earned him the Number 1 song of 1985 and one critic' description of him as "the black Barry Manilow." Rather an insult to many of Lionel's fans! Another achievement of the year was his teamwork with Michael Jackson's charitable trust that resulted to the no.1 hit single "We Are the World" by USA for Africa.
Another successful album titled "Dancing on the Ceiling" was released in 1986. This contained among others his aforementioned hits "Say You, Say Me" and "Dancing on the Ceiling", and also "Ballerina Girl", and "Se La". It is here where the effective use of music video accompanied the title cut, and was also in the same lively tempo of "All Night Long (All Night)". After this successful album, Ritchie's career slowed down while he was taking care of his ill father Lionel Ritchie, Sr. in Alabama who died in 1990.
In 1992, he released his album "Back to Front", a collection of his first greatest-hits, after which he maintained a very limited public exposure. It was in 1996 when he decided to return with the release of "Louder than Words", a song that showed he had not lost his skills of well-crafted soul music. However, it did not receive the same acclaim that is 1980s works received - perhaps due to his lack of exposure over the preceding couple of years.
Lionel's married and family life was a combination of ups and downs. In 1975, he married his college sweetheart Brenda Harvey. Their marriage didn't work well and they separated, after which Lionel had a relationship with Diane Alexander in 1986. Brenda discovered the affair in 1988 and their divorce was finally declared on August 9, 1993 after 17 years of marriage.
Lionel married Diane Alexander on December 21, 1995 but divorced in January 2004. They had a son, Miles Brochman born on May 27, 1994 and a daughter Sofia born on August 26, 1998.
Although his solo singing career did not manage to take off the second time, Ritchie was still able to produce six top 80 singles in the UK after 2004. He also made a few live appearances on some special occasions, and appeared on Top Gear, a British motoring TV series. The segment was "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" where he was featured with his Suzuki Liana and interviewed by host Jeremy Clarkson.
He was also reunited with Kenny Rogers on a CMT crossroads special. Their friendship both in and out of the music world was featured in this November 2005 episode. Ritchie also hosted and performed on the British TV show An Audience with Lionel Ritchie on December 9, 2006. He was able to perform his hit song "Hello" during the Grammy Awards on February 11, 2007, and the grand finale performing "All Night Long (All Night)" on the Australian Idol show on November 25, 2007.
His more recent performances include the New Year's Eve at Time's Square on December 31, 2008, and on the Season 8 of American idol with contestant Danny Gokey on May 20, 2009. Ritchie received the George and Ina Gershwin Lifetime Achievement Award on May 2, 2008, making him the 21st recipient of this prestigious award.
For the opportunity to learn more about Lionel Ritchie, shop for books, music, videos, and or apparel, check out You can also watch YouTube videos, view the latest Motown news and comment on our blog.Article Source:

The Magic of the Beatles - July 24, 2009

By Bill Jerone

The Beatles' early magic lay in their apparent normality; to the public, they appeared to be four lovable, cheerful boys, always ready with a joke and a grin for the camera. During countless press interviews given by the band during the early 60's, the band displayed an irreverent and cheeky charm, born of their longstanding camaraderie.

In essence, the Beatles comprised three school friends, plus newest addition Ringo, who had forged a strong friendship and had already served a long hard apprenticeship around the clubs and dance halls of northern England and notably in the red light district of Hamburg. Their friendship created an almost telepathic bond between them that informed both their music and their shared sense of humor. Although the band later claimed that there had always been an element of friction in their relationships, even in their early days, none of that was evident to the public.

Before the Beatles arrived on the scene, showbiz stars were expected to be polite and fairly serious and to never utter a bad word about any of their peers. The Beatles turned these ideas on their head, often outspoken and cheeky about others in the business (particularly John Lennon) and irreverent in their views. This only served to make them appear more approachable and normal. In addition, the Beatles appeared to be nonchalant and cool about their achievements; even as they scaled new and dizzying heights and the world fell at their feet, the band appeared unimpressed by their celebrity or the trappings that fame and fortune afforded them.

This may have been a carefully-constructed image and cleverly continued to convey the impression that the Beatles were not taking any of their successes too seriously. My contention is that part of the Beatles magic lay in this facade which fundamentally presented the band as friendly, normal down-to-earth guys, to whom fame was happening rather than portraying them in a less flattering light.

Perhaps the band were every bit as ambitious as their less talented competitors of the time, however, by concealing this fact from their fans, the image of 'carefree mop-tops' was established and served them well during the early part of their career, adding to the magic of the Beatles.

UK based writer and musician, Bill Jerone is a lifelong fan of the Beatles. He is also chairman of the appreciation society for British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Martin Brown. Martin's albums can be heard here:
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It's Still All About Michael - July 2, 2009

I know that there are a few people who are tired of the Michael Jackson Coverage, and I must admit that under similar circumstances with other celebrities, I have felt the very same way.

However, I did not try to deny those who wanted the coverage, their right to have the coverage.

So, If you are tired of hearing about the death of a legend, then you should change the channel, (if you can find one that does not have Coverage of Michael Jackson's death); (Perhaps FOX NEWS), or you could leave the country, (Oh my bad! Michael Jackson's death is being covered all over the world).

Or, you could just become a deaf and blind mute, but is it worth all of that?

Or you could just leave the earth, (but they probably have coverage of Michael Jackson's Death or should I say Rebirth in the hereafter).

So what you gonna do?

Shut up and change the channel, tune it out, become deaf and blind, or die?

Maybe you could just accept the fact that the world has lost a great entertainer, a great humanitarian, and a great man who radiated with so much love that people all over the world (who have nothing personal or racist against him), are now, and will forever keep him in their hearts.

And that's just the way it is.

First We Lost An Angel, And Then A King - June 25, 2009

Today at 1:51PM, the news flashed across the screen on CBS while I was watching my favorite daytime soap, "The Young And The Restless". And although I was very hurt, but not surprised that Farah Fawcett had passed after a very long and painful battle with cancer.

I thought that With Farah's Passing, and the passing of Ed McMahon, just 2 days earlier, I thought that the lost of these lovable and famous personalities were going to be it for awhile.
But I was wrong so sadly mistaken.

Around 6:15 PM, my friend ran upstairs from our home gym, upset and very sad, and then it happend!

She announced that Michael Jackson, (The King of Pop), had just died.

I quickly grabbed the remote and changed the channel to CNN, and was relieved to tell her that CNN could not verify the death of Michael Jackson, but that he had been rushed to the hospital due to cardiac Arrest.

Hearing this news was more acceptable to my senses, although this was very terrifying news in and of itself.

However, I know that MJ is famous for making comebacks, and I thought that today would not be different.

However, after cligning to the TV to hear that there has been some improvement in his condition, I was shocked to a deeper degree when I learned that he was in a coma, and that the odds of him ever coming out of it were very slim.

And then finally around 7:00PM, my denial, and my sense of hope turned to hoplessness and dispair, when CNN announced that they had confirmend with the Los Angeles Coroner's Office that Michael Jackson was indeed dead at the age of 51.

In spite of all of the negativity that surrounded him in the later years of his life, I just never felt in my heart that those allegations of child molestation were true.

And now that one of my most powerful musical influences, and sources of inspiration, strength and love for the people of this planent is gone, I still do not believe in my heart that he did the things that he was accused of doing to children.

I just think that he was too trusting, too loving, and quite weird, and I have always been mad that he allowed hisself to be place in a position that made him appear as if the things that haters who hate people who are rich, famous and powerful, look true.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. I do not believe that he did the terrible things that they say he did.

So today I lost someone whose music I felt, whose pain I felt, and whose love for the world and all of it's people, no matter what their race, creed, color, or political affiliation, I also felt, and wished that more people in the world would work to develop.

So quite frankly I don't give a fuck about the people who are saying that there is one less pedifile to worry about, because I believe that he did not have sex with little boys, no more than I believe that Michael Phelps intentionally smoke pot around someone that he thought would photograph him in the process.

I just think that there are many failures in the world, who hate success.

I love you Michael Jackson, and always will.

You are the reason why I have always loved composing, arranging, producing, and Performing.

Thank you for all of the good things that you did for all of the people of the world.


Listen to Music - June 25, 2009

By Gaetano Summaria

All of us listen to music, it gives us pleasure in a wide range of emotions ranging from the calming feelings we get from easy listening music to heart pumping energy we feel listening to hard driving rock music that makes us want to get up an move, we listen to soundtracks that reminds us of are favorite movies or concerts. Wherever you go there is music, from inside your car,in shopping malls, office buildings, outdoor public gathering places dance clubs,concert events,theater productions like operas and Broadway musicals, we even listen to music while surfing the internet, with sites like Pandora, last FM and most radio station websites allowing us to listen to free music online. We also listen to music with our downloaded play lists using software devices like media player and iTunes

Music is divided into many different genres, ranging from classical, jazz, opera, to heavy metal and alternative music, Their are different ways of playing music, whether it be a vinyl record, cd, or music downloads played through a mp3 player or portable music player. Music downloads seem to be the way of the future, although CDs are still very popular and vinyl records are mainly played by collectors and disk jockeys. Their are many companies like apple iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody and that offer legal music downloads through a subscription based format, many offering free music downloads on a trial basis. You are also able to purchase individual tracks at very low cost per track.

How will we listen to music in the future? I would imagine music as well as everything else will be available on demand digitally. the majority of music will be found on web servers just waiting to be downloaded in an instance to our computers or portable music players, mp3 players,or cell phones. Digital music will give us the ability to produce never ending tracks of music, not limiting us to the traditional forms like vinyl records or CDs that have capacity constraints that limit them to the amount of music they can hold therefore the amount of listening time we can enjoy.

Listening to music on the internet has become very popular, especially with broadband speeds we have today. New radio stations are popping up on the web all the time,and many websites like offer them for their visitors enjoyment. Listening to and downloading music off the internet is the way of the future as is watching video on demand or downloading movies through vendors like netflix. Buying CDs and DVDs will be around for some time to come, but with the ease and convenience downloading off the internet, it will only be a matter of time that the traditional formats will fade into extinction.

Gaetano H. Summaria 49 years old, married with two children, a boy and a girl. Lived in the Chicago area all my life. Enjoys music and movies.

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The Origins of Bling in Hip-Hop - June 16, 2009

By John Newcomb

Bling-Bling (or just Bling) has become synonymous with hip hop, an ubiquitous part of the hip hop lifestyle.
As a word, "bling" is an ideophone - a word used to convey a sound, or certain other sensation. "Bling," according to rap culture, is the imagined sound that light makes when it shines off a sparkling surface, like diamonds, gold, and other jewels. In hip hop, it is used as a by-word for expensive and flashy jewelery, cars, etc.

While most hip hop fans believe that the term "bling" was coined by rapper Lil Wayne, who has even gone on record to say that he was the original creator of the term, the truth is that this term has much older and way less glamorous origins.

It was in the 1980s that Ultra Brite, the toothpaste maker, ran a commercial which mimicked the a bell like sound during its slogan - "UltraBrite gives your mouth...[pling] appeal". Soon enough, comedians on SNL were parodying this sound and calling it "bling". Over time, comedians started using it to describe anything traditional gaudy jewelery worn by pimps.

And then of course, it was adopted by rappers to describe their own jewelery, first, reportedly, by Lil Wayne. Soon, the term passed over from the rap community to the mainstream. Today, the term is universally recognized, with everyone from middle aged housewives to middle school students using it.

In off shoots of hip hop, such as reggaeton from Puerto Rico, it is slightly modified to "blink-blink". The meaning, however, remains the same.

Interesting fact: Rappers today choose not to use the term "bling" anymore. Instead, they now call their jewelery "diamonds."

Find more articles like these about rappers at Get more inside scoop on rappers, rap news, and rap beats.

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BlipFM and Music Selections - June 11, 2009

By Brenda Williams

If you're looking for another cool Twitter-type application to join, is it. is great for those who not only love music but who love to discover new music that they may have otherwise never heard before. is like Twitter for music. Not only that, but is linked to Twitter where you can sync the two up so that every time you upload a new song or "give props" to another DJ, it will show up in your Twitter profile. A note to the wise, however; if you plan to comment on a lot of songs or upload a lot of songs, you may want to change your settings so that you don't overwhelm your Twitter followers!

On, everyone who is a subscribed user is referred to as a "DJ". You can give a thumbs up to songs that other Djs post, which is referred to as "giving props". You also have the option of "reblipping" songs that other Djs post. This simply means that you re-post a song that they have posted. When you reblip someone elses song or if you choose to blip a song yourself, you have the option to type in a brief 160 word message to the other Djs who are following you. The DJ's who like your musical selections and who choose to follow you are classified as your "listeners". At any time, you can check to see who is listening to your music.

Each time someone gives you props for a song you blip, your profile tracks it in the upper right hand corner. Obviously, the more props you get, the better known you are (yet another popularity contest!). Additonally, the more listeners you have, the better because as you hit increments of fifty listeners, there is a star that appears beside your name each time you blip a song that lets others know how many listeners you have- essentially, how popular you are. is also mindful to let you know how many "props" you have left to give out. The way to earn props is by having other people give you props on songs that you blip. Typically this operates in a reciprocal fashion. For instance, if you give props to another DJ for a song that he or she has just blipped, they will, in turn, give you props back for a song that you have blipped. You also earn props when someone re-blips a song that you have blipped.

There's a whole lotta blippin' to be had on, and while it may seem like another Twitter popularity contest, it's all in fun. The people who belong to really love music and are more than happy to share songs with other people. Not only that, but has a feature that allows you to play songs in a continuous stream, similar to having a radio on or listening to your itunes. You can visit other Djs profiles and click on their props to see what songs they have given props to, or you can click on their playlists to see what songs they enjoy listening to.

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Dave Matthews Band - A Universal Message - June 2, 2009

By: Stephanie Barker
Have you heard the new song? See what we can learn from Dave's latest release

With the release of "Funny The Way It Is", the new single off the band's newest album, Dave and the boys provide us with a great tune and a deep reverberating message. This song brings to the forefront of our consciousness the interconnectedness and also the irony of the lives around us.

He describes situations in the world happening at every moment that both coincide with and cancel out the other. In one place there are children going hungry and somewhere else there are people going out to dinner. In one place there is a child walking miles, barefoot to school while in another place a child is dropping out school. And of course somewhere someone's broken heart is going to transmute into your favorite song.

The band really touches upon some real issues in society. These are real life situations that are indeed happening at every moment somewhere in the world. It isn't really funny though, is it?

Disease, hunger, poverty, lack of education and healthcare, intolerance are not funny at all in the real world. All of these things are real issues in our world that need to be at least acknowledged and helped if not solved completely. It is also clear, even through the song, that there is not a scarcity problem, there is a distribution problem.

The people of the world are both the cause of and the solution to all of these problems. It is us who have created these issues and the power to solve them is only with us. We need to take steps to reverse the damage we've done. We need to fix the distribution problem and help the world to get back on it's feet.

A mysterious but credible source has come up with a way to make the world a better place. It involved a three-step action plan. To begin with, we need to support our third world countries. We also need to clean up the environment and we have to give the underprivileged segments of society a voice. These three things are what we need to mainly focus on to turn things around.

To learn more and to help with the solution and also receive a Free Report on tolerance, visit
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Barack Obama Makes History - November 4, 2008

Today The people of America have demonstrated by a majority vote, that they are tired of dirty politics, racial hatred, and the divisive and negative politics practiced by the Republican Candidates, John McCain and Sarah Palin for the purpose of winning an electon, and not for the benefit of country.

We are proud to announce that Senator Barack Obama, is now President Elect Obama, the first multi-racial president in the history of the U.S.

And since he is also part African American, he is also the first African American President in the history of the U.S.

Congratulations to Senator Obama and his family, and congratulations to America for having the common sense to send the Republicans who have moved this nation to the brink of destruction over the last 8 years, packing.

We would also like to honor and pay tribute to all of those people who participated in the Civil Rights Movement, (some who were murdered as a result), who did not live to see this day.

And we at G.R.C. Records thank GOD for allowing us to live to see this day, which will be etched in American, and World History forever.

GOD Bless And Protect President Elect Barack Obama And His Family; And, GOD Bless America.

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