Barack Obama Makes History

Today The people of America have demonstrated by a majority vote, that they are tired of dirty politics, racial hatred, and the divisive and negative politics practiced by the Republican Candidates, John McCain and Sarah Palin for the purpose of winning an electon, and not for the benefit of country. We are proud to announce that Senator Barack Obama, is now President Elect Obama, the first multi-racial president in the history of the U.S. And since he is also part African American, he is also the first African American President in the history of the U.S. Congratulations to Senator Obama and his family, and congratulations to America for having the common sense to send the Republicans who have moved this nation to the brink of destruction over the last 8 years, packing. We would also like to honor and pay tribute to all of those people who participated in the Civil Rights Movement, (some who were murdered as a result), who did not live to see this day. And we at G.R.C. Records thank GOD for allowing us to live to see this day, which will be etched in American, and World History forever. GOD Bless And Protect President Elect Barack Obama And His Family; And, GOD Bless America.

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