Dave Matthews Band - A Universal Message

By: Stephanie Barker Have you heard the new song? See what we can learn from Dave's latest release With the release of "Funny The Way It Is", the new single off the band's newest album, Dave and the boys provide us with a great tune and a deep reverberating message. This song brings to the forefront of our consciousness the interconnectedness and also the irony of the lives around us. He describes situations in the world happening at every moment that both coincide with and cancel out the other. In one place there are children going hungry and somewhere else there are people going out to dinner. In one place there is a child walking miles, barefoot to school while in another place a child is dropping out school. And of course somewhere someone's broken heart is going to transmute into your favorite song. The band really touches upon some real issues in society. These are real life situations that are indeed happening at every moment somewhere in the world. It isn't really funny though, is it? Disease, hunger, poverty, lack of education and healthcare, intolerance are not funny at all in the real world. All of these things are real issues in our world that need to be at least acknowledged and helped if not solved completely. It is also clear, even through the song, that there is not a scarcity problem, there is a distribution problem. The people of the world are both the cause of and the solution to all of these problems. It is us who have created these issues and the power to solve them is only with us. We need to take steps to reverse the damage we've done. We need to fix the distribution problem and help the world to get back on it's feet. A mysterious but credible source has come up with a way to make the world a better place. It involved a three-step action plan. To begin with, we need to support our third world countries. We also need to clean up the environment and we have to give the underprivileged segments of society a voice. These three things are what we need to mainly focus on to turn things around. To learn more and to help with the solution and also receive a Free Report on tolerance, visit http://www.goodagainstevil.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stephanie_Barker

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