Gregory R. Coleman - Guitarist, Vocalist, Writer, Producer, Arranger, Performer, Entrepreneur, Social Activist


As a child before he had the slightest idea about the theory of music, he could hear how it all worked together even though he couldn’t explain it. As time went on he learned more and more theory that helped him to understand how all of the elements of a composition come together to make a complete arrangement.

One of the most inspiring and interesting things about music for Greg is that no matter how long you have been playing it; there will always be something new to learn.


And to this day, he is still learning and loving every minute of it.

Besides earning a living doing what he loves to do; his altruistic purpose for creating art and communicating it to the world is to use his GOD given talents in music and business to right wrongs and to help people who are stuck in positions that do not allow them access to the resources they need to pull themselves up by their proverbial bootstraps.

Greg wants to use my music to do his part to make the world a better place for all of us to live in and to leave a legacy behind that he can be proud of long he is gone to prove to the world that he indeed was here.


Due to time and space restraints, Greg's list of influences are very limited to his earliest influences here, and in no way represents a complete list of all the individual artist and groups that influenced him musically throughout his life.

Greg's very first music mentor was not rich or famous, but he feels confident in saying that if it were not for him watching his Cousin Leonard, (who he was raised with as an older brother), in amazement as he played saxophone while sight reading from a book, playing sax, guitar and piano in his grandmother’s church and playing saxophone with the Chick Webb Band in Baltimore, MD, he might not have developed such a strong interest and worked as hard as he has in an attempt to try and master music.


He gives his Big Brother, Leonard Dickerson all the credit for whatever creativity and skills he's developed in music throughout the years.


As far as famous artist go, here’s Greg's list narrowed down to the lowest level possible.


Idol 1: Stevie Wonder, (Motown in General)

Greg has always loved the music of Stevie Wonder from the first time he heard “Fingertips Part II” by “Little Stevie Wonder” back in 1963. His Vocal Ability and his Harmonica Virtuosity was undeniable and outstanding, and inspired Greg to want to be involved in music even more.


He was also the first Multiple Instrument Musician that he was aware of. And as he grew, his Composition, Arranging and Multiple Musicianship Skills made Greg a lifelong fan.


Idol 2: James Brown, (“The Hardest Working Man in Show Biz”)

Greg loved to watch and hear James Brown perform because of his powerful vocals and his performance chops.

He also respected his funk writing, arranging and production skills.

In addition to having all of these skills, he was impressed by this powerful, dynamic and exciting performer who never failed to get the audience into the show and keep them there even after he had left the stage.


He knew that his energy level was amazing, and to this day, he is still amazed by the fact that his Cape Routine is still copied by performers all around the world.


Greg loved and danced to all of James Brown’s songs; but his all-time favorite is “I’m Black And I’m Proud”, because of the timeliness and necessity of the message and the fact that it was written to bring about peace during some very violent times in America.


Idol 3: Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana was Greg's introduction to Modern Day Latin, Cuban and Afro Cuban Rock, and of course being an aspiring Guitar Master; he loved his proficiency in playing guitar.


Carlos Santana was one of the first Guitar Hero’s that increased Greg's confidence in playing because he was able to copy his playing on some of his earlier recordings.


Idol 4: Michael Jackson, (The Jackson 5)

Michael Jackson was one of those once in a lifetime artist who shocked and amazed people because of his energy levels and Choreographic, Compositional and Video Production Genius.

Greg was no exception.


His vocal style was very unique and he incorporated so many of Greg's favorite artists into his Musical and Stylistic Repertoire.; people like Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and so many others that are too numerous to mention.


He influenced so many artists during his life and continues to do so long after his death. Michael Jackson, (The King of POP).


Idol 5: Jimi Hendrix

Jimi was another once in a lifetime phenomenon like nothing that Greg had ever seen or heard before.


When he first saw Hendrix in 1970 on TV singing “Purple Haze”, he kind of felt it; but he couldn’t really relate to a lot of his Non Top 40 work.


However, he definitely caught up shortly after Woodstock in 1970 and became a “Hendrix Freak”.


Jimi was a Blues Guitarist who took Blues, Rock and Psychedelic Music to a whole new level.


His mastery of his instrument was truly amazing and his live performances were other worldly.


Greg was also impressed by the fact that he played to a very Diverse International Audience.


He was well respected and accepted by his Rock & Roll Peers in England and America.


He was also the first dude that Greg ever seen having sex with his guitar and amp before setting it on fire and smashing it to pieces all across the stage.


Idol 6: Prince, (“His Royal Badness”/”The Purple One”/”The Artist Formerly Known As”)

Greg loves Prince because he was all of the people mentioned above all rolled into one. And of course, he was also Prince who was a true original.


Needless to say, Greg was awed and amazed by his Virtuosity on Multiple Instruments, which inspired and encouraged him to do the same thing- although not as good.


It is the inspiration of all these artists as well as the thousands that are not listed here; who push Greg to never stop reaching for the sky with Music in spite of some very difficult and tragic circumstances in his life.


The Songs On This New Album

Greg still loves to listen to love songs because that’s what he was exposed to first.


But he also likes artist like Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, The Beatles and others, who create music that addresses social ills and the social causes that help to correct them.


Greg thinks that raising the consciousness level of society is important, because he think that it is a necessary endeavor, (not just for our survival), but for our progress as a species.


Below is a list of the songs on the new album “There’s No Recession for the Poor” with a detailed explanation of what they all mean and what messages they are attempting to convey to those who are willing to listen.


This album is a tribute to the First African American President, Barrack Hussein Obama II, and a musical account of the Fierce Racism, Opposition and just pure Hatred that he had to deal with while trying to effectively Govern and to Protect and Serve as many American Citizens as possible; including those who hated and despised him.


"I hope you enjoy the music and that it will inspire you to listen, learn and participate in our Democratic Experiment known as America; in order to form that “More Perfect Union”, which we all need to understand is a marathon and not a sprint". Greg Coleman


Song 1: You’ve Won The Battle, (But You’ll Never Win The War)

A testament to the survival and progress made by victims of evil thoughts, practices and deeds that continues to be inflicted upon oppressed people throughout America and the World; by those who are in positions of power that allow them to oppress certain Ethnic, Racial and Social Classes of people such as, Native Americans, African Americans, Jewish Americans, Japanese Americans, and Poor and Disadvantaged People, etc.; who they deem to be Inferior and not worthy of the Equality that they themselves experience as citizens of the United States of America, and how eventually this evil is defeated through Resistance. The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Theodore Parker, Freemason Commander, Seth Brooks, Jacob Kohn

Song 2: I’m A Conservative

An explanation and definition of the Economic Austerity and Inequality, Hate, Greed and Racism that is actively practiced by the Modern Day Conservative, (Republican Party), Movement in American Politics today; and how these practices actually escalated to very dangerous and destructive levels as a result of the election of the First African American President, Barack Hussein Obama II, in 2008 and again in 2012.

These same dangerous and destructive practices are still a threat to our Democracy and all the progress that our nation has made over the last 239 years.

This Political Toxicity is also threatening the Spirit of Cooperation and Tolerance that Americans of all kinds worked so hard to develop in an effort to make and keep our country safe, sane and fair for all.

These Dangerous Political Practices are now in full effect as a result of the election of Donald J. Trump as President. He is one of the most divisive figures ever to enter American Politics.


Song 3:HATE!

The Media, Washington, Politicians and a Considerable Percentage of Americans Citizens are trying to make the Insane Sane, by Normalizing Hatred, Greed, Violence, Sexism, Classism and Racism, which is putting our country in a position that makes it conducive to destruction from within, (Implosion); much like the Civil War which was fought from 1861 to 1865.



A prime example of this madness is the Media’s Insistence on adopting the term “Alt Right”, which is actually code to describe White Racists, Nazis, White Supremacists, Skin Heads, Klu Klux Klan and other very Frustrated, Fearful and Terrified White People who are fighting to keep White Privilege and White Supremacy alive in a country where the Changing Demographics will no longer allow these Injustices to continue.

Using Euphemisms to cover up Hatred and Racism is a very dangerous practice, since it is giving cover to people who are as dangerous and deadly as wounded animals.

Song 4: That’s Your Neck Of The Woods, (But This Is Not Your World)

There are certain segments of our country located in certain geographical locations, (particularly in the Deep South and the Midwest), where people still believe that GOD created the world for them and only them, and that everyone else being here is a mistake in the “Master’s Plan”.

This is actually an Oxymoron, since according to scripture, “The Master” GOD, does not make any mistakes. Many also believe that the people who are here that are not like them are here to serve them at their pleasure.



This song is a Rebuke of this Foolish, Dangerous and Non-Fact Based Notion.

Song 5: Patriotism, (Hatriotism).

This song is about the Government’s Indoctrination Process beginning in elementary school with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the Singing of the National Anthem,(in schools with broken desks and chairs torn and dirty books and other inferior equipment), that leads African Americans and other Minority Children to believe that everyone is Equal and Free in America to achieve anything that they want through hard work and sacrifice, without Resistance and Sabotage as a result of Institutionalized Racism.

In spite of the reality of Slavery, Jim Crow, Discrimination and Racial Bias in all segments of American Society; many Conservatives continue to deny or explain away these realities as figments of Lazy Minority’s Imaginations.

Song 6: There’s No Recession For The Poor

This is the title song. Simply put, no matter how great the reports are about the economies of Wall street and Main street are, or how great Washington says things are going economically; these reports don’t seem to have much of a Positive Effect on People of Color who are not a part of Wall street, Main street or Washington.

Although I agree with Conservatives that Personal Responsibility and Individual Effort is absolutely necessary for success in this country; I have to argue that due to Societal and Structural Inconsistencies coupled with other factors such as Skin Color and where and how you start in life means that all personal responsibility and individual effort is not created equal.


Song 7/8: For What It’s Worth/Occupy

During the Early Folk Music Era when groups like Peter, Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio and individuals like Pete Seeger and later Bod Dylan were the Top Stars of folk music because of their powerful messages about Morals, Principals, Values, Citizen’s Rights and Human Rights, I loved to listen to this music. And even though I enjoyed it on an emotional level, I was far too young to understand it on an intellectual level.

In 1967 when “The Buffalo Springfield” recorded “For What It’s Worth”, I was only 11 years old when I heard it. I immediately fell in love with this protest song and it was the very first protest song that I actually understood on an intellectual level. And I have loved it ever since.

Although it was recorded more than 27 years ago, it is still relative today to what is going on in our country and around the world.

So I just felt compelled to cover it on this album for all those reasons and the fact that the Wars between The Races, Government, Law Enforcement and the Citizenry are still very much alive and appear to be escalating to very dangerous levels day by day.



In that same spirit of protest against Injustice, Inequality and Inhumane Acts against Humanity; Occupy is also a protest song to encourage people to continue to fight the status quo for the benefit of all people in this country and around the world.

It is also a tribute to the Grassroots Movement that sprang up during the Obama years known as “Occupy Wall Street”, which became simply “Occupy”.



The good thing about this movement was the fact that they were Non- Partisan and did not favor any one political party over another.



They were fighting against everything that they saw as what was wrong with this System of Government regardless of party.

Because, there are some things terribly wrong in this country that need to be recognized, acknowledged and addressed in an open and honest manner on an ongoing basis.



For instance, the ongoing problems that we continue to experience with Racial, Sexual and Religious Intolerance as well as far too frequent incidents of Police Brutality against People of Color and those who Peacefully Protest for the causes that are important to them.

Song 9: Their Trying To Buy America

In 2010, the Conservative Pac Citizens United won a Pivotal Supreme Court Case that allowed Political Campaigns to receive Dark Money, (money that comes from unknown sources in unknown quantities). In effect, it allowed Millionaires, Billionaires and Mega Corporations to buy elections by drowning out the will and voices of the people by spending excessive amounts of money on Smear and Sabotage Campaigns against Progressive Candidates and Causes by utilizing Excessive Negative Advertising against such candidates.

This movement was originally designed to promote the Presidential Candidacy of Mitt Romney to prevent President Obama from winning a second term.

However, in spite of National Racist, (Rush Limbaugh’s) wishes for a failed president before his first term even began. And House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s agenda for the country, which was to “Make this a one term president” - not jobs, healthcare, education, infrastructure, foreign policy, the economy or many of the other dangers, issues and challenges that this nation was facing at the time.

Instead, Republicans just wanted to undermine and sabotage President Obama.

This Supreme Court Victory was the main reason why Mitt Romney was going around the country proclaiming that “Corporations are people too”. Because this statement implied that the money of Gigantic Company’s was just as important in our Democracy as “One Person”, “One Vote”.

This ruling did not succeed in defeating President Obama for a second term.

However, I believe we are now seeing the long term effects of this ruling with the election of Donald Trump as President over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who won almost 3,000,000 million more popular votes than Trump.

Song 10: Evolution-Solution-Revolution

This is a song about the fact that no matter what Dark, Evil Forces come into play to stop the Natural Evolutionary Progression of the Human Species and its tendency towards Honesty, Fairness, Justice and Equality; it is true that these forces experience several temporary victories.

However, they eventually fail, because the values that they fight to promote are Contrary to Human Nature and they are not in alignment with the Natural Laws of the Universe.

This cycle of Dark Victories and Enlightenment is part of the Human Condition and is a constant that must continuously be kept in check by “The People”.



Right now we are in a Dark Cycle that I believe in time will be reversed by the power in the unity of those interested in cultivating the Better Angels of our Human Nature.



I hope that we will not fail in our efforts to restore light to this country and share it with the world since our survival as a species depends on it.

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