We Need A President! Single 

Political Commentary about the urgent need to remove the cancer on our nation known as Donald J. Trump. His unethical, immoral and illegal activities since he stole the office in 2016, requires his immediate removal from the White House. And his total lack of concern for the lives of hundreds of thousands of American Citizens constitutes Crimes Against Humanity, for which he should be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law.

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The Only Song to Be Investigated by the FBI 

By Phil Stutt I am passionate about rock and blues and use my blog to bore people about it..... Music is an artform that belongs to us all ... ... The USA was a strange place in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Youth culture was in its infancy and the establishment was disturbed at is growth. The establishment was disturbed by many things. There was fear at the growth of communist influence in Cuba and Latin America. There was fear of a perceived increasing threat from communism at home. Homophobia was…

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Lionel Ritchie - Still Truly Romantic and Easy 

By Robert D Hill I am just your average guy working a number of yrs as a business analyst. A child that grew up in the 60's and 70's ... ... Lionel Ritchie is known for his romantic, easy-listening ballads which he composed and sang himself. Songs such as "Easy", "Three Times A Lady", "Still", and "Truly" have topped the charts and are still very popular across the generations. Lionel was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on June 20, 1949. He spent his early years on the campus of Tuskegee Institute and later…

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The Magic of the Beatles 

By Bill Jerone The Beatles' early magic lay in their apparent normality; to the public, they appeared to be four lovable, cheerful boys, always ready with a joke and a grin for the camera. During countless press interviews given by the band during the early 60's, the band displayed an irreverent and cheeky charm, born of their longstanding camaraderie. In essence, the Beatles comprised three school friends, plus newest addition Ringo, who had forged a strong friendship and had already served a long…

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It's Still All About Michael 

I know that there are a few people who are tired of the Michael Jackson Coverage, and I must admit that under similar circumstances with other celebrities, I have felt the very same way However, I did not try to deny those who wanted the coverage, their right to have the coverage. So, If you are tired of hearing about the death of a legend, then you should change the channel, (if you can find one that does not have Coverage of Michael Jackson's death); (Perhaps FOX NEWS), or you could leave the…

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First We Lost An Angel, And Then A King 

Today at 1:51PM, the news flashed across the screen on CBS while I was watching my favorite daytime soap, "The Young And The Restless". And although I was very hurt, but not surprised that Farah Fawcett had passed after a very long and painful battle with cancer I thought that With Farah's Passing, and the passing of Ed McMahon, just 2 days earlier, I thought that the lost of these lovable and famous personalities were going to be it for awhile. But I was wrong so sadly mistaken. Around 6:15 PM,…

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Listen to Music 

By Gaetano Summaria All of us listen to music, it gives us pleasure in a wide range of emotions ranging from the calming feelings we get from easy listening music to heart pumping energy we feel listening to hard driving rock music that makes us want to get up an move, we listen to soundtracks that reminds us of are favorite movies or concerts. Wherever you go there is music, from inside your car,in shopping malls, office buildings, outdoor public gathering places dance clubs,concert events,theater…

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The Origins of Bling in Hip-Hop 

By John Newcomb Bling-Bling (or just Bling) has become synonymous with hip hop, an ubiquitous part of the hip hop lifestyle. As a word, "bling" is an ideophone - a word used to convey a sound, or certain other sensation. "Bling," according to rap culture, is the imagined sound that light makes when it shines off a sparkling surface, like diamonds, gold, and other jewels. In hip hop, it is used as a by-word for expensive and flashy jewelery, cars, etc. While most hip hop fans believe that the term…

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BlipFM and Music Selections 

By Brenda Williams If you're looking for another cool Twitter-type application to join, Blip.fm is it. Blip.fm is great for those who not only love music but who love to discover new music that they may have otherwise never heard before. Blip.fm is like Twitter for music. Not only that, but Blip.fm is linked to Twitter where you can sync the two up so that every time you upload a new song or "give props" to another DJ, it will show up in your Twitter profile. A note to the wise, however; if you plan to…

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