First We Lost An Angel, And Then A King

Today at 1:51PM, the news flashed across the screen on CBS while I was watching my favorite daytime soap, "The Young And The Restless". And although I was very hurt, but not surprised that Farah Fawcett had passed after a very long and painful battle with cancer. I thought that With Farah's Passing, and the passing of Ed McMahon, just 2 days earlier, I thought that the lost of these lovable and famous personalities were going to be it for awhile. But I was wrong so sadly mistaken. Around 6:15 PM, my friend ran upstairs from our home gym, upset and very sad, and then it happend! She announced that Michael Jackson, (The King of Pop), had just died. I quickly grabbed the remote and changed the channel to CNN, and was relieved to tell her that CNN could not verify the death of Michael Jackson, but that he had been rushed to the hospital due to cardiac Arrest. Hearing this news was more acceptable to my senses, although this was very terrifying news in and of itself. However, I know that MJ is famous for making comebacks, and I thought that today would not be different. However, after cligning to the TV to hear that there has been some improvement in his condition, I was shocked to a deeper degree when I learned that he was in a coma, and that the odds of him ever coming out of it were very slim. And then finally around 7:00PM, my denial, and my sense of hope turned to hoplessness and dispair, when CNN announced that they had confirmend with the Los Angeles Coroner's Office that Michael Jackson was indeed dead at the age of 51. In spite of all of the negativity that surrounded him in the later years of his life, I just never felt in my heart that those allegations of child molestation were true. And now that one of my most powerful musical influences, and sources of inspiration, strength and love for the people of this planent is gone, I still do not believe in my heart that he did the things that he was accused of doing to children. I just think that he was too trusting, too loving, and quite weird, and I have always been mad that he allowed hisself to be place in a position that made him appear as if the things that haters who hate people who are rich, famous and powerful, look true. I said it before, and I'll say it again. I do not believe that he did the terrible things that they say he did. So today I lost someone whose music I felt, whose pain I felt, and whose love for the world and all of it's people, no matter what their race, creed, color, or political affiliation, I also felt, and wished that more people in the world would work to develop. So quite frankly I don't give a fuck about the people who are saying that there is one less pedifile to worry about, because I believe that he did not have sex with little boys, no more than I believe that Michael Phelps intentionally smoke pot around someone that he thought would photograph him in the process. I just think that there are many failures in the world, who hate success. I love you Michael Jackson, and always will. You are the reason why I have always loved composing, arranging, producing, and Performing. Thank you for all of the good things that you did for all of the people of the world. G.R.C.

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