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The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy


Dialysis Patients: Ever wonder why you never hear the word "CURE" at your center?

It's because the words "Lifetime Dialysis" and "Kidney Transplant" are far more profitable for this industry than the word "CURE" is.

Find out how one man's journey led to the discovery of a systematic program designed to keep sick people sick, and how potential cures are being suppressed for the purpose of maximizing industry profits.

Stop being a victim!

Join The Movement To Cure Kidney Failure Now!

End the pain, suffering and death that is simply allowed to continue so that massive profits can continue to be made by Greedy Mega Corporations to the detriment of patients.

Lets Cure This Painful, Dreaded And Deadly Disease Together

There Are no Technical, Medical or Scientific Obstacles Preventing the Cure of End Stage Renal Failure-Only Profit Motives & Corrupt Political Officials & Legal Officials who are bought and paid for.

Coming To A Bookstore Near You Soon!

This book was originally written as an eBook for sale to only a small group of interested parties.

However, in view of the seriousness and the deviousness of this industry and the multiple cases of abuse, threats, fraud and the termination of life saving treatments because a patient wants to be pro-active in reference to the treatment of their illness and demand the right to make decisions the decisions about what they want and do not want done to their bodies; this industry has Carte Blanch to determine which patients live and which patients die, as they get to Cherry-pick the most profitable patients which also just happens to be the sickest, weakest and most docile patients.

Those who refuse to submit to each and every demand that these nephrologists and other dialysis center staff demand of them such as unnecessary surgeries, prescriptions and other procedures and consultations to pad the bill and exploit the insurance companies, make this a book worthy of International Publication that will tell the world about the millions of patients who suffer in silence in this country and around the world and how they are punished twice-once by the disease and then again because of the power that the U.S. Government has given the Dialysis Industry to pretty much kill with impunity.

This is a silent American Atrocity as well as an International Atrocity because of the fact that millions of patients are being taken advantage of for profit's sake and being used and abused to increase profits.

Because of my own personal experiences and witnessing that of other patients, I feel that this book is worthy of being viewed by an International Audience. So I am currently going through the process of accomplishing this by seeking out a publisher with this capability, as well as looking into the most effective ways to Self-Publish.

So ultimately, we hope to have this book in a Major Bookstore near you, or at the very least, at a Highly Visible Online Book Outlet ASAP.

Gregory R. Coleman,

Author of The Great American Dialysis Conspiracy

Creating The Movement To Cure Kidney Failure 

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