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By Gaetano Summaria All of us listen to music, it gives us pleasure in a wide range of emotions ranging from the calming feelings we get from easy listening music to heart pumping energy we feel listening to hard driving rock music that makes us want to get up an move, we listen to soundtracks that reminds us of are favorite movies or concerts. Wherever you go there is music, from inside your car,in shopping malls, office buildings, outdoor public gathering places dance clubs,concert events,theater productions like operas and Broadway musicals, we even listen to music while surfing the internet, with sites like Pandora, last FM and most radio station websites allowing us to listen to free music online. We also listen to music with our downloaded play lists using software devices like media player and iTunes Music is divided into many different genres, ranging from classical, jazz, opera, to heavy metal and alternative music, Their are different ways of playing music, whether it be a vinyl record, cd, or music downloads played through a mp3 player or portable music player. Music downloads seem to be the way of the future, although CDs are still very popular and vinyl records are mainly played by collectors and disk jockeys. Their are many companies like apple iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody and that offer legal music downloads through a subscription based format, many offering free music downloads on a trial basis. You are also able to purchase individual tracks at very low cost per track. How will we listen to music in the future? I would imagine music as well as everything else will be available on demand digitally. the majority of music will be found on web servers just waiting to be downloaded in an instance to our computers or portable music players, mp3 players,or cell phones. Digital music will give us the ability to produce never ending tracks of music, not limiting us to the traditional forms like vinyl records or CDs that have capacity constraints that limit them to the amount of music they can hold therefore the amount of listening time we can enjoy. Listening to music on the internet has become very popular, especially with broadband speeds we have today. New radio stations are popping up on the web all the time,and many websites like offer them for their visitors enjoyment. Listening to and downloading music off the internet is the way of the future as is watching video on demand or downloading movies through vendors like netflix. Buying CDs and DVDs will be around for some time to come, but with the ease and convenience downloading off the internet, it will only be a matter of time that the traditional formats will fade into extinction. Gaetano H. Summaria 49 years old, married with two children, a boy and a girl. Lived in the Chicago area all my life. Enjoys music and movies. Article Source:

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